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When fuel transportation (such as trains, trucks, and ships), the vehicles are always moving at high speed, and the tank valve will inevitably be bumpy. This requires that the valve must provide a very stable and reliable seal to achieve zero leakage while also being durable. In addition, the space for installing the valve is usually very small.

Traditional valves cannot guarantee a stable and reliable seal in a bumpy environment, and they are also prone to leakage due to the wear of the sealing surface during use.

 "Cool Seal" Y series DBB forced sealing ball valve has two-way forced sealing upstream and downstream, independent of system pressure. The balanced ball design provides double self-locking of slope and thread, which is stable and reliable even in a moving and turbulent environment, and truly achieves zero leakage. . Its built-in DBB function can also instantly detect the sealing integrity of the valve, better escorting the user's safe transportation.

The "Cool Seal" Y series DBB forced-sealing ball valve has a frictionless rotating design that will not leak due to abrasion of the sealing surface. It is very suitable for frequent loading and unloading operations of such vehicles and has a long service life.

Compared with traditional valves, some users may use lifting rod type forced sealing valves, but this kind of valve size and switching stroke are relatively large, which is very unfavorable for installation and use in small spaces. In addition, the action direction of the poppet valve stem is consistent with the escape direction of the medium, and it is extremely easy to leak the medium, which affects the safety of operation.

"Cool Seal" Y series DBB forced-sealing ball valve is small in size, light in weight, and only half the height of the traditional lifting rod type forced-sealing valve. It is especially suitable for installation on vehicles with limited space.

"Cool Seal" Y series DBB forced-sealing ball valve has an essential difference in the sealing form between the angular stroke operation stem and the traditional lifting stem. It can greatly reduce the leakage of the medium and improve the safety of the operation. Its switch only needs more than 200 degrees of stem angular stroke operation and the operating torque is extremely low. It is currently the fastest operating forced sealing valve.