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•Friction free ball rotation

In an NSBV, the patented technology ensures that the valve ball is never in contact with the valve seats during the opening and closing process of the valve. This technology completely solves the wear problem that often causes failure in conventional ball valves, gate valves and plug valves.

 •Balanced ball design

Sealing members will always be pressed in balanced minor while mechanized sealing force is driven mechanically. Thus the sealing reliability is improved to the next level vs. traditional technology.

 •True DBB

1 NSBV = 2 ea conventional rising stem ball valves

 •Angular stroke operation of the stem

The stem movement of a traditional rising stem ball valve is linear, which is aligned with the direction of medium escape; this can easily cause the stem to leak. Yet the angular stroke design of the stem naturally overcomes such problems.

 •Patented drive switch mechanism

Allows smooth and long life operation of the valve, and can be replaceable with valve inline and under pressure.


The sealing members completely disengage from the seats before the valve ball starts to rotate. Pipe fluid immediately flushes away the impurities along the sealing surfaces such that local high-speed erosion of the valve seat is avoided.

 •Compact in size

A NSBV is less than half the height of a conventional forced sealing valve and is lighter in weight, providing great advantage for use in applications with limited installation space.

 •Ultra-long service life

NSBVs thus enjoy ultra-long service life with almost no running costs.