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Airport fuel systems


Airport fuel systems must be pressure tested frequently to ensure the integrity of their pipelines and auxiliary equipment. In busy airports, the time for such tests can often only be used for a few hours when the airport is closed. And this kind of test generally needs to isolate the pipeline section by section to detect possible leaks. This requires that the valve can be opened and closed frequently and quickly and provide a zero-leakage seal, and can be used for online leak detection. At the same time, because of the compactness of the airport fuel system, the installation space given to the valve is usually limited.

"Cool Seal" Y series DBB forced-sealing ball valve has a frictionless rotating design to completely eliminate the friction of the sealing surface, greatly prolong the service life and make it more suitable for frequent operation. And its low-torque, angular-travel stem design only needs a 200°rotation to realize the opening and closing operation of the valve. Compared with other forced sealing valves, it has a faster opening and closing speed and a more reliable and durable stem seal.

The upstream and downstream two-way forced sealing of the "Cool Seal" Y series DBB forced-sealing ball valve can easily achieve blind-plate-level reliable sealing without relying on pipeline pressure, and can achieve zero leakage.

The DBB function of "Cool Seal" Y series DBB forced sealing ball valve can instantly detect the sealing integrity of the valve.

"Cool Seal" Y series DBB forced sealing ball valve adopts compact design, small size, light weight, and only half the height of other forced sealing valves, which effectively improves the space utilization efficiency of the airport fuel system.

In addition, the full-diameter design of the "Cool Seal" Y series DBB forced-sealing ball valve provides customers with the best flow field and Cv value, which greatly reduces the energy and pressure loss when the medium passes through the valve, and can significantly improve the oil system efficiency.