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The metering system requires zero leakage when the valve is closed. However, when the pressure difference between the two ends of the valve is very small, it is difficult for the traditional pivot ball valve to achieve sealing through the piston effect, and leakage will occur. At the same time, the valve opening and closing of the metering system is very frequent, which will also cause the valve to leak due to the wear of the sealing surface. Normally, the leakage of the valve is lower than the minimum range of the flowmeter and will not be measured. Over time, it will cause huge economic losses to the user.

In addition, in order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement, the flowmeter must be calibrated regularly. When calibrating the flowmeter, it is necessary to close the downstream valve and achieve zero leakage to ensure that the flow through the flowmeter and the calibration meter are the same. If the downstream valve leakage will cause the flowmeter of the flowmeter to be greater than that of the calibration meter, the value of the flowmeter calibration will be If it is too small, it will cause huge economic losses to the user, and this small measurement will last at least until the next calibration.

"Cool Seal" Y series DBB forced sealing ball valve is a full-bore design, there is no turbulence when the medium passes, which can fully ensure the accurate measurement of the flowmeter; at the same time, it can provide customers with the best flow field and Cv value, which greatly reduces the passage The energy and pressure loss of the valve flow channel improves the efficiency of medium conveying.

The upstream and downstream two-way forced sealing of the "Cool Seal" Y series DBB forced sealing ball valve does not rely on pipeline pressure to easily achieve zero leakage, which can ensure the accuracy of each flowmeter calibration. Moreover, the sealing integrity of the valve can be detected instantly through the built-in DBB function, which maximizes the protection of the user's economic interests.

The ball of "Cool Seal" Y series DBB forced sealing ball valve adopts frictionless rotation design, which completely eliminates the friction of the sealing surface and has an extremely long service life. For metering applications that require frequent switching, there is no need to worry about huge economic losses caused by valve leakage.

In addition, "Cool Seal" Y series DBB forced sealing ball valve is small in size, light in weight and low in installation cost. Its switch only needs more than 200 degrees of valve stem angular stroke operation and the operating torque is extremely low, which can save the user's investment in the actuator. It is currently the fastest acting forced sealing valve. Compared with the lifting rod, the sealing reliability of the quarter-turn valve rod is essentially different.